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N73286 is Assigned

N-Number Entered: 73286 Aircraft Description
Serial Number 2882 Status Valid
Manufacturer Name BELL Certificate Issue Date 01/24/2003
Model 47G-2A-1 Expiration Date 09/30/2029
Type Aircraft Rotorcraft Type Engine Reciprocating
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code (base 8 / Oct) 52353010
MFR Year 1964 Mode S Code (Base 16 / Hex) A9D608
Type Registration Individual Fractional Owner NO
Registered Owner
Street 2200 SACRAMENTO ST # 807-8
County SAN FRANCISCO Zip Code 94115-2304
Type Certificate Data Sheet 2H3 Type Certificate Holder SCOTT'S-BELL 47 INC
Engine Manufacturer LYCOMING Classification Standard-Restricted
Engine Model VO-435 SERIES Category Aerial Advertising, Aerial Advertising, Agriculture and Pest Control
A/W Date 07/03/1980 Exception Code No
The information contained in this record should be the most current Airworthiness information available in the historical aircraft record. However, this data alone does not provide the basis for a determination regarding the
airworthiness of an aircraft or the current aircraft configuration. For specific information, you may request a copy of the aircraft record at https://aircraft.faa.gov/e.gov/ND/
Other Owner Names
Temporary Certificates
Certificate Number T133041 Issue Date 05/02/2013 Expiration Date 06/01/2013
Fuel Modifications
Deregistered Aircraft
The duration of aircraft registration certificates has been extended up to 7 years. The Registry will be issuing revised certificates in batches based on the former expiration date. For verification purposes, even though the expiration date on the registration certificate may not match the expiration date in the FAA Aircraft Registration database, any registration certificate displaying an expiration date of January 31, 2023 or later is still valid. This applies to all foreign Civil Aviation Authorities or anyone else with a verification need.

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