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N-Number Entered: 82bb Aircraft Description
Serial Number 525A0062 Status Valid
Manufacturer Name CESSNA Certificate Issue Date 11/25/2019
Model 525A Expiration Date 11/30/2022
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Type Engine Turbo-fan
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code (base 8 / Oct) 52627235
MFR Year 2002 Mode S Code (Base 16 / Hex) AB2E9D
Type Registration LLC Fractional Owner NO
Registered Owner
Name N33DT LLC
Street 22510 N 18TH DR
County MARICOPA Zip Code 85027-1363
Type Certificate Data Sheet None Type Certificate Holder None
Engine Manufacturer WILLIAMS Classification Standard
Engine Model FJ44-2C Category Normal
A/W Date 06/29/2018 Exception Code Yes
The information contained in this record should be the most current Airworthiness information available in the historical aircraft record. However, this data alone does not provide the basis for a determination regarding the
airworthiness of an aircraft or the current aircraft configuration. For specific information, you may request a copy of the aircraft record at http://aircraft.faa.gov/e.gov/ND/
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Deregistered Aircraft
Deregistered Aircraft 1 of 1
Aircraft Description
Serial Number 722 Certificate Issue Date None
Manufacturer Name BIRCH BRUCE P Mode S Code (base 8 / oct) 52627235
Model DRAGONFLY MKII Mode S Code (base 16 / hex) AB2E9D
Year Manufacturer None Cancel Date 05/09/2011
Reason For Cancellation Expiration Export To None
Type Registration Unknown
Aircraft Registration Prior to Deregistration
Name None
Street None
City None
State Zip Code None
Deregistered Airworthiness
Engine Manufacturer None Classification Unknown
Engine Model None Category
A/W Date Exception Code No
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