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  • Certificate Issue Date

    • Date the Aircraft Registration Branch issued the Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050-3. Note: If registered based on a dealer's certificate, "None" will appear in this field.
  • Classification/Category

    • The Airworthiness classification/category according to the latest Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6.
  • Date Change Authorized

    • Date the Aircraft Registration Branch issued the Assignment of Special Registration Marks, AC Form 8050-64.
  • Dealer

    • A party engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing, or selling aircraft who has been issued a Dealer's Aircraft Registration Certificate, AC Form 8050-6. Aircraft registered in the name of a Dealer will reflect "None" in the certificate issue date field.
  • Deregistered Aircraft

    • An aircraft that has been removed from the U.S. Civil Aircraft Register at the owner's request. Aircraft are generally removed for the following reasons: exported, destroyed, salvaged, dismantled, or permanently retired from service.
  • Fractional Ownership

    • An aircraft having multiple owners who have purchased an expressed percentage of the aircraft.
  • Fuel Modifications

    • The text shown is an excerpt from FAA Form 337, Major Repair and Alteration, describing the installation or modification of a fuel tank on a specific aircraft.
  • In Question

    • The status of an aircraft's certificate of registration is changed to "In Question" when the aircraft's record contains information which, if true, would render the certificate ineffective.
  • MFR Year

    • Year the aircraft was manufactured based on information shown on the Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6. This is not necessarily the model year.
  • Mode S Code

    • Eight digit transponder address code assigned to each U.S. Registration Number as part of the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S). Sometimes referred to as the ICAO address code.
  • N-Number

    • The nationality and registration markings of U.S. registered aircraft.
  • Notice of Ineffectiveness

    • FAA Legal Counsel has determined possible non-compliance with regulatory requirements which may render the Certificate of Aircraft Registration ineffective.
  • Pending Number Change

    • he Aircraft Registration Branch has issued an Assignment of Special Registration Marks, AC Form 8050-64, authorizing the new (pending) N-Number to be placed on the aircraft.
  • Physical Address

    • Physical location or address of an applicant using a P.O. Box or mail drop for mailing purposes.
  • Purge Date

    • The date the reserved N-Number will be purged from the Aircraft Registration database unless it is renewed by the current reserving party.
  • Renewal Date

    • The date a reserved N-Number was renewed. Reserved N-Numbers must generally be renewed annually.
  • Reserved Date

    • The date the aircraft registration branch reserved the N-Number for the requester. If shown in conjunction with a pending number change, the date the aircraft registration branch issued the assignment of special registration marks, AC Form 8050-64.
  • Reserved N-Number

    • An N-Number reserved by the party shown for use on an aircraft at a later date. Or, if shown in conjunction with a pending N-Number Change, the new N-Number authorized for use on the aircraft.
  • Revoked

    • The Certificate of Aircraft Registration was revoked through enforcement action by FAA Legal Counsel's Office.
  • Serial Number

    • The unique number assigned by the manufacturer/builder.
  • Type Aircraft

    • The classification of an aircraft based on construction and method of operation (glider, balloon, blimp/dirigible, fixed wing, or rotorcraft).
  • Type Engine

    • The type of engine(s) installed on the aircraft (none, reciprocating, turbo prop, turbo shaft, turbo jet, turbo fan, or ramjet).
  • Undeliverable Triennial

    • Indicates a Triennial Aircraft Registration Report was returned by the Post Office as undeliverable.
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